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Survival is built into us, it’s an animal need for us to make sure we continue living for as long as possible.

When you are placed in a situation where your survival is at risk, do you have the necessary skills to make it out safe and sound?

There are countless situations where survival skills will be needed:

  • Your car has broken down in a remote and unforgiving environment
  • You’ve had to bug out into the wild due to unforeseen circumstances
  • A natural disaster has hit and emergency services and help is far away
  • You have gotten lost while hiking
  • The list goes on!

Whatever the situation, knowing how to survive on your own with just your skills and your trusty bug out bag could make the difference between coming out alive or being taken home in a body bag.

How do you find fresh and safe water? What about finding food? Do you know how to build something to protect your from the elements?

Read on to improve and learn new skills that could one day save your life.