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Are you a survivor or are you a victim?

It doesn’t matter how well you can grow food or if you know how to survive in a desert, if you can’t protect yourself and your loved ones the games pretty much over.

Some people swear by simply having the biggest, baddest gun they can lay their hands on, but really it’s about knowing a wide range of skills to cover your ass in a variety of situations.

Guns, of course, are one of the best deterrents in this modern world, so knowing how to handle a gun safely, accurately shoot one and importantly knowing when to keep it holstered, is not just a right but a necessity.

Knowing how to handle more low tech weaponry such as bows and knives is not just in case you ammo runs out, but can also be used in situations where silence is needed.

You don’t need to be a black belt in karate to have some martial art or self defense skills under your belt. In fact, just by having some basic self defense training you make yourself more skilled than most of your potential attackers!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, improving your awareness skills and ability to avoid confrontations and dangerous situations could be the only thing you need to stay safe and stay alive.